Madreocéano – Eleven Songs Written & Recorded…

Esteban Gómez is the salt of Madre Oceano. He is the illusionist that plays to recreate the deepest sea in his bathtub. It is the delicate one who feeds us with the waves sounds that his silver sea has given. Eleven songs written & recorded on the bathtub is skillful therapeutic in brief format, that make us penetrate in the tranquility of the deep and protector waters in the high sea. Listen to this record, is to appeal to the fascinated memory, calm and innocent, of the times that we could lose the oceanic view in the simplicity of a winkle. Believe, only with closing the eyes.

written by Bruno Reis, courtesy of

01-Love is a color / 02-She paints / 03-Sound of mine / 04-Selfish harmony / 05-Longer in bed / 06-Against the rules / 07-Blocks away from me / 08-Bathtub girl / 09-My woman / 10-Lucio / 11-Girl / 12-Water is on my hands / 13-I make trouble / 14-In us both / 15-Two weeks in bed / 16-Agree

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Madreoceano – Eleven Songs Written & Recorded on the Bathtub